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Mediation is a process that can be used for various types of conflict or disputes within the workplace. Workplace mediation in Edmonton and the surrounding area over the last number of years has become a very important aspect in resolving workplace disputes. Issues caused from various conflicts in the workplace tend to have a negative impact on both the employer and employee. It is important to note that when a conflict situation arises, it is imperative to reach the parties and resolve the issue(s) as soon as possible before the situation moves from the professional to the personal. The workplace mediation process may address various workplace issues such as:

The Cost of Workplace Conflict?

The cost of workplace conflict not only negatively affects businesses in a monetary manner but it also affects its personnel. Unresolved workplace conflict causes; personal stress, emotional issues, loss of motivation, decline in moral, distress, emotional issues, increase in absenteeism and a decrease in productivity. Resolving workplace conflict will positively affect the afore-mentioned thus increasing workplace harmony resulting in increase productivity and profit.