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Everyone who is fortunate enough to live a full life lives on to become a senior and faces major transitions, often times with the relentless conflict from adult children. There are decisions like where they are to live, the decisions around caregiving responsibilities, who gets wealth distribution, safety, wills, estates and health concerns. How will the property be divided and when will the family home be sold. How will the diamond ring be split in half if Suzy doesn’t care for diamonds? When things get ugly and families get stuck they needs someone who can help them through the process so they can get through things.

What Is Senior Mediation?

It is a process for families to work things out together in cooperation with one another. It is completely private, voluntary and of course confidential. The mediator will facilitate a conversation that is direct and on purpose whereby family members bring forth their concerns and interests. Casual gatherings occur in homes, mediators offices or even in the seniors living facilities meeting the needs of the family. Be assured that the mediator is highly skilled in conflict resolution and neutral meaning that he/she is there to facilitate discuss and does not “takes sides” or offer advise in these discussions. The goals of the meeting are to allow the space for families to create First to allow families to create mutually acceptable solutions to their difficult disputes as well as develop communication strategies to enable them to successfully towards important future decisions.

Senior Mediation Early Intervention

Though its hard to think about, everyone is marching towards the end of the road so its good to plan what to do with issues before finding yourself or your parents in uncomfortable situations. The issues are usually much the same. Financial, medical decisions, legal affairs and property issues all need to be made. There are housing choices, wills, trusts and so forth. Don’t avoid these conversations, rather, embrace them and address them or emotional turmoil will prevail. It may not be easy but it is certainly important and a mediator will help emensely towards to preserve financial and familial well being.