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I am a parent of a child with autism, formerly labeled Asperger syndrome, I have a passion and understanding of the many challenges facing families with autism and disabilities. In fact, my own family has undergone and overcome many of thee challenges. It is difficult, for example, to get along with a spouse who may be in denial, could be angry about a diagnosis or may just want a divorce. If you are here to get counselling, I will send you to a good therapist as I am not here to waste your time or money working through your marital issues, instead I am here on behalf of your child. To get him or her the support and help they need, bottom line. Let me guide you down the path of least resistance, working through his or her social skills challenges, communication issues, behavioural problems and provide tools for sensory situations so they can navigate their way to a healthier, happier life-long term.

Dr. Stephen Shore's Interview - Autism Families

KAREN SIMMONS, CEO Autism Today, Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs

I have also partnered with Karen Simmons, world leading autism advocate and parent of two special needs children, one with autism and also is the founder of Autism Today. Ms Simmons also happens to live right here in the Capital region in Edmonton, Alberta and is willing to help parents find the resources needed to gain the resources they need on a consultative basis. She will walk with the parents, navigating through the difficult first steps within the political and funding systems they are faced with to face the ever-changing tremendous funding and other challenges ahead as she has done as a parent advocate for her children and others through Autism Today. Karen is the calm in the eye of the storm and can accomplish miracles.


As with all of our mediation practices, we offer a partnered legal advice solution. We want you to receive the best solution for your every situation. We believe you have earned the right to quality in service which is why we strive to give you extreme value for your hard-earned dollars while at the same time giving you what you are paying for. We don’t feel like you should have to pay for “fluff” or additional services you don’t need especially while you are going through such trying times. This is why we want to help you fix your situation in the most efficient way possible. We do just that, come up with the solution, have our litigation draw up the “legalize” and then provide the final package thereby saving you thousands of unnecessary dollars in extra time and money and “fluff”. Come to us and we will fill your needs.