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Why choose Ultimate Progress Mediation instead of litigation?

Litigation is great to finalize the mutual agreement when the arrangements have been worked and, we can help you get to the bottom line for just a fraction of the cost and make it easier on relationships in the long-run. Because, after all, its your agreement. We help you create a win win agreement in a fraction of the time and cost while also making it easier on your relationship with each other in continuing to raise your children. Why not work the contract out with the help of a mediator!


We’ll say that each person has health insurance, most health insurance plans will cover $500 per person and some insurance policies even cover up to $1,000. The insurance policies cover a portion of the fees which will reduce the cost to the couple even more.

So, with the reduction from the insurance, the cost could be reduced from $2,065.00 to $1,565.00 per person. This could even be reduced by more!) its a compromise….no one loses.

Mediation is approximately 7% the cost of litigation. That’s an amazing savings!

Due to the fact that mediation is interest based which means both parties have compromised to come to the agreement, the likelihood, of both parties accepting the agreement that they create is 95% likely. Those are tremendous odds.